German man earns world record with collection of 1,519 rotating puzzles

A German man with a love of Rubik’s cubes earned a Guinness World Record for his collection of 1,519 rotating puzzles.

Florian Kastenmeier, 40, of Mindelheim, was awarded the record for largest collection of rotating puzzles after Guinness verified he possesses 1,519 different Rubik’s cube-style puzzles of all shapes and sizes.

Kastenmeier said his love of the puzzles began about 16 years ago, when he found an old Rubik’s cube while cleaning out his family’s attic.

“I just had to solve it,” Florian told Guinness World Records. “I was so excited that I found myself needing more and more of it. New cubes, new challenges.”

Florian said some of the prize pieces in his collection include an original Rubik’s cube from 1977 and a tennis ball-shaped puzzle given to him by tennis champion Boris Becker.